Is your Daily Antioxidant Serum plastic-free?

Updated 2 months ago by Emelia DiBello

The packaging for our Antioxidant Serum is almost 100% plastic free, but not completely. The packaging includes a dropper cap, made of plastic, silicone, and glass to dispense your product. There’s also a plastic piece (called a wiper) inserted into the dropper bottles that allow for a clean, mess-free application. We offer refill bottles so that you can reuse all of these plastic pieces in your refill. All you have to do is sanitize the pieces you’re going to place into your new refill.

We chose to go this route because of the hydration and formula benefits in a water-based solution, rather than in a serum in a bar format, which may be difficult to use. When reused, our bottles will still significantly reduce the amount of plastic generated from the personal care industry.

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