What is the pH level of the shampoo & conditioner bars?

Updated 2 years ago by The Earthling Co

Our bars have a balanced pH to complement the nourishing and moisturizing properties and support the overall health of your hair and scalp.  The shampoo bars’ pH value is between 4.0-5.5 and the conditioner bars’ pH is between  5.0-5.5.

Our bars are a water-less formula compared to liquid shampoo and conditioner, but they still have a small amount of water in them from certain ingredients (lemon juice). Also, our bars are actually used with water, which also allows us to get a pH measurement.

Generally, water-less formulas don't have a pH: for example, a balm-like deodorant (made without water) is not water soluble and does not mix with water when someone's using it (unlike the shampoo & conditioner bars), therefore it doesn't actually have a pH at all since there's no water and nothing that we can measure.

Thank you for enrolling in Earthling Chemistry 101. 😉

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