How is your new moisturizer different from your previous Rosehip Face Lotion?

Updated 2 months ago by Emelia DiBello

Our old Rosehip Face Lotion was an oil-baed product. Our new Daily Hydrating Moisturizer is water-based, meaning it will feel way lighter on your skin and will absorb quickly. Our Rosehip Face lotion was previously a deeply moisturizing product, whereas our new Daily Hydrating Moisturizer is both hydrating AND moisturizing, meaning it more closely resembles other face moisturizers on the market. We wanted to add a true, water-based lotion to our product lineup that could be used daily and that works better with ALL skin types, without sitting on your skin and leaving an oily residue. If you prefer deeper moisture from a face oil, our Hair & Body Oil pairs perfectly on top of, or mixed in with, our new Daily Hydrating Moisturizer.

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