Is the color in your shampoo & conditioner bars natural?

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All of our naturally derived coloring is either synthetically made/nature identical, or naturally mined in the USA.

The majority of our colorants are synthetically made/natural identical means that the natural components were made in a lab yet have the same natural makeup as the original natural resource. The material doesn’t have any synthetic components, but was made in a lab instead of extracted. Some may argue that this is a more sustainable approach. It’s a similar idea to lab-grown diamonds; it’s still a diamond at it’s core, just synthetically made in a way that avoids any potential labor/mining concerns in other countries. Everything that is lab-made contains mineral derived ingredients, which has a 100% natural origin content. The synthetically made coloring would biodegrade in the same way the coloring would if it was mined, since it’s the same base makeup.

A few of our colorants are “100% natural” — in the sense that they were naturally mined and extracted in the USA.

We cannot technically say our synthetically made/lab made colorants are “100% natural” due to the fact that some were made in a lab rather than extracted, despite the fact that the final composition of the lab grown coloring is the same as the naturally mined coloring.

The level of color in our bars is less than 1% of our formula, and the individual component ingredients (titanium dioxide, ultramarine violet, etc) only makes up a small portion of the color used (so <1% of the overall formula, which complies with the FDAs regulations on the use of the product in cosmetic coloring.

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