What does it mean to be Climate Neutral certified?

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When you see the Climate Neutral Certified label, you know that we, as brand, have achieved zero net carbon emissions by cleaning up our historical emissions, and we are on a journey to limit carbon emissions from our operations.

The Climate Neutral certification is a guided three-step process: measure, offset, and reduce!

  1. We measure our carbon footprint:

First, we collected data from our entire supply chain and measured our brand’s overall carbon footprint.

Per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, this included Scope 1, 2, and upstream Scope 3 emissions. Basically, all the emissions produced starting from the creation of our products and ending when they arrive at your front door! 

  1. We offset our carbon footprint:

Next, we purchased a portfolio of carbon credits to offset our brand’s overall carbon footprint. This portfolio consisted of carbon credits sourced from 1% For the Planet nonprofits and focused on climate change solutions! Specifically, we supported two projects focused on household biogas digesters in China and landfill methane capture in the US. Both of these projects are independently verified, ensuring they are effectively protecting our climate. 

  1. We reduce our carbon footprint:

Lastly, we took a good, long, hard look at our footprint and came up with two main goals to reduce our impact moving forward. This includes (1) Reducing emissions from our abroad shipments by decreasing the percent of products that are sourced from outside of the U.S., and moving our products closer to our Earthlings and (2) Reducing the percentage of our shipments that are sent via aircraft freight by implementing an order placement system that utilizes bulk, quarterly shipments that are primarily sent via ground freight. These two goals will have a major impact on our overall footprint and we are grateful and humbled by the opportunity to evolve as a company!

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