Why is the 8” Wooden Soap Dish made of poplar, but the 4” is made of beechwood?

Updated 9 months ago by The Earthling Co

Both our 4” and 8” Wooden Soap Dishes used to be made of beechwood, but we are in the midst of transitioning both soap dishes to poplar. Like many companies, we have experienced supply chain changes due to the ongoing pandemic, and the lumber industry has been particularly impacted.

The differences are mainly cosmetic. Like beech, poplar is a fast-growing hardwood, and our supplier sources both lumbers from sustainably grown and harvested trees in the US and southeast Canada. The poplar dishes are also slightly lighter in weight, thereby reducing the carbon emissions from shipping both upstream and downstream.

The shape and form of the dishes has not changed – it is still the rectangular shape you love, with the four gentle triangular grooves for water drainage. Like its beechwood predecessor, the poplar soap dish is also made of 100% untreated, unfinished wood, and is backyard compostable.

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